I’m interested in the performance, construction, and deconstruction of sex, gender, and sexuality with the goal of refuting this triad's perceived fixity through ambiguity and play. I strive to create meta-sexuals not constrained by sexual or gender-based identities. I’m interested in: combating what Foucault labels as the repressive hypothesis; celebrating ass and asshole agency; highlighting the type of subversive repetition that calls into question the regulatory practice of identity; and visualizing the embodiment of gay is to straight not as copy is to original, but rather as copy is to copy (à la Judith Butler).

In some cases, my work first starts with the construction of 3D collages, consisting of projecting images from my meta-sexual image database -- see meta-sexual image database link -- onto friends (see Plexi Collages, Drawings with 3D Collages, Paintings on 3D Collages, and Photographs of 3D Collages). Other works includes Asses, Reflections, Retail!, Performance Ephemera, and associated videos. Ultimately, my aim is to create meta-sexuals whose identities are not constrained by contemporary gender, sex, or sexual identity preconceptions.

Categories of works include:

 Performance Ephemera     
 Drawings with 3D Collages     
 Plexi Collages     
 Paintings on 3D Collages     
 Photographs of 3D Collages